The Pivot Table Component

For Web Sites

Runs inside any browser, emulates an Excel pivot table.

Connects to any data files, databases, OLAP cubes.

Embeds into any web site or web application.

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What is WebPivotTable?

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Why WebPivotTable?


  • A web component for any browser
  • Cross platform/devices through the web
  • No installation hassle for end users

  • Modern and intuitive user interface
  • Interactive drag and drop operations
  • Responsive design for all devices

  • Fully functional pivot table and charts
  • Filter, sort, graph, layout, drill through
  • Statistical analysis and calculated fields

  • Embed into any web site or application
  • Customizable UI and behaviours
  • APIs to import data and to export report

  • Share data source within enterprise
  • Save analytic process in .wpt files
  • Export report to PDF/EXCEL/HTML formats

  • Free for personal and non-commercial use
  • Low cost one time purchase for
  • Enterprise, OEM/SaaS licenses
  • Data source modes

    • Memory mode
    • OLAP mode

    Memory mode

    (data files, databases, web services)

    In memory mode, data is loaded into the browser's memory and all computations are performed in browser. WebPivotTable can parse data from a variety of sources and run completely on its own without back-end support.

    Data can come from a data file or a data file link (Csv or Excel format), a google spread sheet or a web service which can be connected to any back end data sources, like SQL or NoSQL databases.

    OLAP mode

    (Microsoft SSAS, Mondrian, icCube, OLAPY, etc.)

    OLAP (online analytical processing) infrastructures enable users to analyze multidimensional data interactively. In OLAP mode, WebPivotTable can connect to an OLAP server that handles data and computation. WebPivotTable then acts as an interface for pivotting and displaying the data.

    There are a lot of OLAP server implementations. Microsoft SSAS is a widely used commercial solution while open source solutions such as Mondrian, icCube and OLAPY are also supported by WebPivotTable.

    Server mode

    (Developing ...)

    Want to utilize the memory size and performance of a server to do your computations but not have to setup an expensive OLAP server? Server mode is the third mode offered by WebPivotTable which loads data and calculations from a dedicated server into the WebPivotTable client. Server mode acts exactly like memory mode but hands off computational tasks to a server setup to work with the WebPivotTable as a client.